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Genealogy Center staff and volunteers will provide genealogical research services for visiting patrons as well as individuals living at a distance.  Click here for a copy of our Translation & Research Guidelines (på dansk klik her).

Genealogy Center translators are able to translate most Danish letters and documents, including those in old Gothic handwriting or print, as well as Danish church and census records; and can make referrals for translations of both modern and Gothic German-language documents.

Research and Translation Fees:  

  • $30 per hour for members of Museum of Danish America.
  • $40 per hour for non-members.
  • A postage/handling fee will be added to all requests, in addition to document and photocopying charges.

To Request Research:

  • Fill out the Research Request Form (på dansk klik her). Enclose the completed form with any supporting information that may be useful.
  • Include a check or money order for a minimum of 2-hours' work, payable to "Museum of Danish America." 
    • Danish residents:  follow instructions on form for money transfers.
  • We will acknowledge research requests and payment upon receipt.  Due to the large number of requests we receive, limited staff and our policy of taking them in date order, please expect a minimum of 8-10 weeks before a report is returned to you.

While we cannot vouch for their research products, for those of you  wanting a quicker turn-around time, the following individuals may be helpful:

  • Per Andersen of Copenhagen offers his research services.  His webpage is www.familyresearch.dk and he can be contacted by email.
  • Former Museum of Danish America intern Jesper Jacobsen specializes in a variety of less-accessible legal documents.  He may be contacted by email.
  • Free-lance journalist Ejgil Bodilsen offers assistance for people with ancestors from Han Herred in Thisted and Hjørring Counties. 
  • Family research, especially in the Southern Jutland/Slesvig area is offered here.
  • A. J. Kroneg offers archival research at the National Archives in Copenhagen.


To Request a Translation:

  • Send or email a clear copy of the material to be translated, rather than the originals. Museum of Danish America cannot be responsible for original documents.
  • Print and fill out the Translation Request Form.
  • Include a check or money order for a minimum of 1 hour's work, payable to "Museum of Danish America"
  • Completion time is usually 1-4 weeks
  • For longer documents we will be happy to give you an estimate of the time involved.

Gift Certificates are also available for research and translations.  For an order form click here.

Email or Mail To:
Research/Translation Requests
Museum of Danish America Genealogy Center
PO Box 249
Elk Horn IA 51531-0249

Questions & Estimates:
Michele McNabb, Librarian/Manager


Danish Immigrants

Museum of Danish America and its Genealogy Center are continually seeking and collecting information on Danish immigrants who came to North America. To create a file for your ancestors, print our Immigrant Information Form, fill it out, and send it to us with any additional documentation you care to share..

Honoring Danish Ancestors:
Danish ancestors may be honored in perpetuity by having a plaque with their names, dates of immigration, and area of settlement placed on The Danish Immigrant Wall of Honor. For information about submitting names go to the Danish Immigrant Wall of Honor.

Immigration Stories:
To hear stories about Danish immigrants and the many artifacts found in the museum collection listen to the archived audio presentations, Across Oceans, Across Time®, broadcast locally by KJAN AM1220 and accessible through our broadcast link.